To become To become

To become

a leading supplier of 

clean energy operation 

and management services

To become To become

To become

a leading supplier of 

clean energy operation 

and management services

Integrated IoT platform

Wancheng Wanchong builds an IoT platform integrating “people, vehicles, piles and stations” 

based on the construction and operation of charging stations, development and operation of 

SaaS platform, operation of charging users, as well as investment and operation of electric vehicles 

A charging ecosystem providing a full range of services

After years of development, Wancheng Wanchong has formed a closed-loop industrial chain integrating R&D, 

production and sales of charging piles, construction and operation of charging networks, as well as platform 

development and value-added services

one-stop comprehensive charging solutions

Station site selection, investment plan design, facility supply, construction, 

station operation, operation and maintenance, and after-sales service


Safe and easy charging

The safe and reliable products independently developed by 

TCCE create safe and easy charging experience for users

Independent R&D: Safe and reliable

Low failure rate: Failure rate lower than 5‰

A wide coverage : Fast chargers featured in our own charging stations 

A full range of high-quality products  Safe and easy charging