AC charging pile, smart home charging pile

7kW,Bluetooth or 4G,mobile APP

  • Easy to install

    Simple and compact design, and wall or column mounted

  • Simple and beautiful appearance

    Smiling face-shaped status indicator display, clearly indicating the operation status of the product.

  • Safe and reliable

    Dustproof and rainproof, over/undervoltage protection, lightning protection, leakage protection, grounding protection and other measures.

  • Intelligent control

    Starting a charge by credit card, mobile APP, plug-and-play device and Bluetooth connectivity among other methods.

Wancheng Wanchong 7kW intelligent AC charger is a single-phase AC charging pile, mainly used for slow AC charging scenarios for electric vehicles. The charging facility features dual temperature control and protection, dual heat dissipation protection, dustproof and rainproof design, over/undervoltage protection, lightning protection, leakage protection, and grounding protection, rendering charging safe and reliable; human-centered design makes it easy to operate.

Serial number:    MQC3100

Output power:    7kW 

Output voltage:    single phase 220VAC

Dimensions:    341X 241X 108.8mm

Method to start a charge:    APP or credit card (optional)  

Number of charging guns:    1

Degree of protection:    IP54

Working temperature:    -20℃ - +50℃

Installation method:    wall mounted or column mounted (optional)

Main market applications
Private parking spaces of electric vehicle owners
Supporting charging facilities for residences, apartments, and office buildings
Supporting charging facilities for shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and public buildings