Crowned with glory and honor! Wancheng Wanchong was rated among the “Top 10 Charging Operators in China” for the second time

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From September 27th to 28th, the 2022 Eighth China International Electric Vehicle Charging Industry Conference was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu. As one of the most influential new energy industry events in the Asia-Pacific region, this year's conference features “Innovation Drives Low-carbon and Efficient Development”, and more than a hundred experts, industry elites, and senior technicians were invited to share their thoughts on the prospects of the charging industry, exchange cutting-edge technologies, and share the development opportunities of the industry. Wancheng Wanchong was invited as a comprehensive supplier of new energy products and operation services.


The award-winning Wancheng Wanchong wins industry recognition

The customer-centered and innovation-driven Wancheng Wanchong pursues high-quality development by keeping investing in product innovation, green and smart manufacturing, and premium services, and fulfills its social responsibilities.

The award ceremony of China's top 10 charging brands was successfully held on the first day of the exhibition. This event is hosted by China Charging Pile Network, and an authoritative and professional charging brand awarding event in China.

Wancheng Wanchong, boasting prominent R&D, rich experience in charging station construction, operation and maintenance, and comprehensive solutions for a variety of application scenarios, stood out from hundreds of companies participating in the event, and was rated among the “Top 10 Charging Operators in China in 2022” for the second time.


Technological innovation empowers green and smart manufacturing

Technological innovation is the cornerstone and source of power for the long-term development of a brand. Wancheng Wanchong has brought together senior technical talents in the charging pile industry to create a top-level R&D platform. It has two R&D centers in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with more than 100 R&D talents and technical professionals. In response to the headaches of new energy vehicle users, that is, difficulty in charging and slow charging, Wancheng Wanchong has created high-quality charging facilities with a power ranging from 3.5kW to 720kW and applicable to various scenarios, and the SaaS platform integrating “people, vehicles, piles, and stations” to meet the charging needs of different users.

Besides, Wancheng Wanchong has invested heavily in the introduction of industry-leading automated production lines for charging piles, various types of charging test equipment, and high-temperature aging rooms. All products have undergone full-function and aging tests to leave the factory with satisfactory quality; ISO9001 systems are strictly followed to exert quality control over product R&D, supply chain, and production to ensure stable product quality.


Independent charging station construction and operation guarantees worry-free services

As a leading charging operator, Wancheng Wanchong has built its own charging stations nationwide. Currently, it has built over 1,000 public charging stations with a total of 43,000 charging spaces, and accumulated abundant experience in station design and construction. As a qualified electrical contractor of installation, repair and testing projects, Wancheng Wanchong is experienced in providing various real estate developers, OEMs, governments and enterprises with one-stop charging station construction services.

Wancheng Wanchong makes the most of AIoT, Internet of Vehicles, and Internet to develop the SaaS platform integrating “people, vehicles, piles, and stations”. Its members may connect their charging piles and stations to the platform, manage, operate, monitor and settle transactions on the platform. Wancheng Wanchong has been interconnected with mainstream platforms in China including AutoNavi Maps, Fleetin and Xindiantu, thus increasing traffic for operators.

 After-sales service is the last step of quality control. Wancheng Wanchong has built a complete after-sales operation and maintenance service system, comprising service centers in more than 20 major cities across China. The service network provides around-the-clock service to users in 3,000 counties, townships, and districts.

Being rated among the “Top 10 Charging Operators in China”, Wancheng Wanchong has won the recognition of the industry and the market. As a comprehensive supplier of new energy products and operation services, Wancheng Wanchong will further technological innovation and upgrading, provide better service, and develop more premium charging products and supporting solutions, to help customers succeed and contribute to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.