TCCE Attended eMove360° Europe 2023 With Smart Charging Products

2023-10-23 09:42Writer: admin View: 415

Oct. 21, 2023--TCCE, a leading provider of clean energy operations management services in China, participated in eMove360° Europe 2023 with its latest series of European standard charging products.

At this exhibition, TCCE exhibited 7kW/11kW/22kW AC chargers, 20kW DC chargers and 180kW DC chargers. On-site staff introduced the chargers in detail to customers and viewers, and chargers' practical applications in different scenarios, such as public EV charging stations, industrial and commercial buildings, residential and other scenarios.


The most impressive product series of this exhibition is the European standard AC charger, which has an attractive design and a variety of functions, and has been highly praised by customers and viewers. It has four power outputs suitable for charging at residential and commercial charging stations: 3.5kW, 7kW, 11kW and 22kW.


The 20/30 kW DC chargers, which can be mounted on the wall or floor, have a 4.3-inch touch screen to display information and facilitate user charging settings.

The 60-180kW DC chargers, with their superior performance, high efficiency and constant power from 300V to 1000V, the CCS2 version, suitable for a variety of EVs, also debuted at the show.


As a leading provider of clean energy operations management services, TCCE has established professional R&D, operations and management teams, has 3 types of R&D laboratories and smart factory. TCCE technologists are continually innovating a comprehensive range of products, systems and services to deliver reliable, high-quality products and services to government, corporate and private customers.


At this exhibition, TCCE presented advanced charging products and solutions to the world and communicated with a large number of manufacturers and customers. TCCE hopes to work with international partners to develop better charging products and more effective charging solutions, contribute to the realization of Sustainable development goals, and jointly build a better future.