DC charger

60/120/180kW dual pedestal

  • Standardization

    Following three unification standards of the National Grid on charging modules, featuring constant power across the voltage range, and supporting dynamic power distribution

  • Reliable communication 

    Supporting two communication operators to improve communication stability and ensure real-time facility communication

  • Reliable

    Industrial-grade components and air ducts, featuring the ability to work in any harsh environment, low failure rate and extended service life

  • Efficient operation

    Using efficient charging modules, with the maximum efficiency up to 96%, to reduce operating loss 

  • Safe

    Imposing 20+ measures throughout the charging process to ensure safer and easier charging

  • Intelligent diagnosis 

    Controlling facility operation on the monitoring platform and making remote diagnosis of facility faults 

60/120/180kW integrated DC charger is a high-power DC charging facility for electric vehicles that integrates charging terminals and charging modules. The output voltage ranges from 200 to 1000V, the charging efficiency is up to 96%, and the failure rate is 5‰, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance cost. 20+ automatic protection measures ensure safe and reliable charging.

Serial number:    MQC7200

Output power:    60/120/180kW

Output voltage:    DC200-1000V

Size :      1500X7810X534mm      

Method to start a charge:    APP or credit card (optional) 

Number of charging guns:    60kW:1/2

Number of charging guns:    120/180kW: 2 

Charging efficiency:    ≥93% 

Degree of protection:    IP54

Working temperature:    -20℃ - +50℃

Main market applications
Public parking lots in cities and surrounding areas, supporting charging stations for electric buses and delivery vehicles, and fast charging stations in commercial centers