DC charger

20/30kW single pedestal

  • Real-time Dynamic Display

    4.3-inch touch screen provides clear, intuitive information on charging dynamics for easy and convenient operation.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof

    With environmentally friendly, flame-retardant materials, the whole machine has good dustproof, waterproof, anti-impact performance.

  • High compatibility

    Meet CE safety standards and electromagnetic compatibility requirements

  • High security

    Charging process 10 heavy protection function, charging is more safe, use more assured.

20/30kW DC charger is designed according to European standard(CCS2) ,can be wall-mounted or floor-installation.it integrates power conversion unit, human-computer interaction , charging control unit, metering unit, chargingconnection unit and satety protection unit,it has good dust-proot and waterproot functions, can be operated sately and reliably outdoors.

Serial number:    MQC8300 

Output power (kW):    20/30kW 

Output voltage (V):    DC200-1000V

Method to start a charge:    Plug& Paly/APP/RFID

Number of charging guns:    1 

Charging efficiency:    ≥95%

Degree of protection:    IP54 

Working temperature:    -30℃ - +55℃

Installation method:    wall mounted or column mounted (optional)

Main market applications
Private charging spaces of electric vehicle owners
Parking lots of enterprises
Overnight charging facilities for special vehicles (delivery vehicles and sanitation vehicles)