DC charger


  • High Efficiency 

    Two CCS2 DC connectors with power distribution.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof

    With environmentally friendly, flame-retardant materials, the whole machine has good dustproof, waterproof, anti-impact performance.

  • High compatibility

    Meet CE safety standards and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

  • High security

    Charging process 10 heavy protection function, charging is more safe, use more assured.

60/120/160kW DC charger is designed according to European standard(CCS2). One charger with two outputs. lt integratesa power conversion unit, human-computer interaction, charging control unit, metering unit and charging connectionunit, and safety protection unit. lt has good dust-proof and waterproof functions, can provide safe,reliable andefficient charging service.

Device serial number: MQC7100

Total power: 60/120/180kW

DC output voltage range: DC200-1000V

Dimensions: 1634mmx760mmx660mm

Charging mode: Plug& Paly/APP/RFID

Number of charging guns: 2

Efficiency: ≥95%

IP grade:  IP54

Operating ambient temperature:  -30℃~+55℃

Main market applications
Public parking lots in cities
and surrounding areas,
electric buses,
supporting charging stations
for delivery vehicles,
and fast charging stations
in commercial centers